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Helix Marine is a specialist solutions provider and partner to clients who operate in marine environments. As a market leader, Helix Marine is the only marine solutions provider in the region that is employee and management owned, and is a catalyst for economic empowerment and shared value creation.

  • Project managment

    Every project is unique with its own opportunities and risks, It's imperative that effective management is established prior to commencement of the project as well as a robust cost management system.

  • Purpose and vision

    Provide sustainable marine solutions in order to facilitate growth and transformation of the regional ocean economy.

  • mission

    Deliver a partnership approach that offers value while also managing risk to international standards.

  • markets and sectors

    Helix Marine rooted in South Africa , pursues business opportunities locally and on the African continent, including Global markets.

Helix Who We are


image Ship Managment

Helix Marine offers resources, knowledge and expertise in ship management because we understand there are cargoes to find, regulations to meet, maintenance schedules to consider, crew to employ and a whole host of other jobs that collectively constitute ship operating. Our service partnership solutions grant owners peace of mind across the globe.

image PORTS

In addition to Ship Managment we also offer fully managed operations, including provisioning, logistics, project planning and execution. We have key partnerships with local and international specialist companies providing associated marine services. Our symbiotic relationships with our partners brings benefits direct to the customer. Services extend to Cargo Surveying, Technical management including of drydocks, retrofit modifications and special projects. Ocean and coastal towage

image Consulting

Helix Marine, Ensuring the efficiency of logistics and operational support in the sector is critical to productivity and at Helix Marine, we understand these drivers and have proven ourselves to be an efficient partner in the value chain. Our Consulting services provide knowledge and expertise on a as and when needed basis, valuable in a new or unknown territory.

image 24/7 Services

Helix Marine, provides a 24 hour 7 days a week service and is ready to respond at any time to technical needs of customers in the sector. Our strategic alignment with industry players ensure swift response and expertise. Our round the clock services provision is availible on all levels of service offering and we encourage you to put us to the test.




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    Admin:  +27 72 105 4042               Office: +27 10 023 0785              Michael Timm: +27 82 800 3046   

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    Unit 5, 39 Gray Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, South Africa, 7405 / P O Box 38698, Pinelands, Cape Town. South Africa